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Flowers for Dream’s Steven Dyme on Why He Loves West Town

Flowers for Dreams sells fresh flowers that give back. The company has donated over a million dollars to 100+ local charities, supporting causes ranging from animal rescue to domestic violence survivors. We talked with CEO and Co-Founder Steven Dyme about what’s new at Flowers for Dreams, and why he loves West Town.

How did you end up in Chicago? Why did you choose to start Flowers for Dreams here?

I was born on the north shore, in Evanston, and grew up in Wilmette, only to return to Evanston to start our flower business out of college. 

What can customers expect from Flowers for Dreams this summer?

Support your local flower farmer. Our campaign this entire warm weather season revolves around telling the stories of the amazing small flower farmers we buy stems from- nearly 25 all throughout the Midwest. Most people think of South America when they think of modern-day blooms in the states, but there are some amazing makers throughout our region that make our summer buying more small batch, sustainable, easier on the environment, and provide key local investment.

Can you tell us a bit about Roof Crop?

The Roof Crop is a neighbor of ours in West Town and a long-time partner business. They were born on a rooftop with a simple mission: make non-traditional urban ag a part of a sustainable, locally-driven economy.

We ask everyone to choose a Chicago neighborhood that they love and to answer the following questions with that neighborhood in mind. Which neighborhood are you choosing and why?

I have to pick West Town! It’s where Flowers for Dreams really took off in 2014 and has become our home. A mix of amazing maker businesses, light manufacturing startups, and legacy craft brands, we like to say we’ve helped build and connect a vibrant community of mostly non-tech, diverse entrepreneurs young and old.

What are your go-to takeout spots in the neighborhood?

Shouting out Big Delicious Planet, On Tour Brewing, and our new friends Publican Quality Bread. 

You want to have a happy hour drink, where are you going?

On Tour!

Where would you go to celebrate a special occasion?

Sticking with West Town, we have an abundance of amazing venues and loft spaces. On the party front, I might pick our next door neighbor Salvage One. Eclectic, vintage, and the most beautiful hidden courtyard. For a restaurant evening, I’d suggest further west– Kai Zan as some of the best sushi in the city.

How would you spend the perfect day off?

Touring one of our partner flower farms with my fiance Danielle and dog Brisket running the fields


Friday 9th of February 2024

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